Location and Geographical Points of Interest

Bonk Knob Shoals is located off of Hwy 285 (Cane Creek Road), 1.5 miles from Hwy 111, near the Van Buren and White county border. It lies within Van Buren County. Nearest towns are Spencer (5 miles) and Sparta (10 miles).

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Fall Creek Falls (Fall Creek Falls State Park Website)

  Fall Creek Falls is the jewel of the Tennessee State Park System. Fall Creek Falls has worked hard the last few years at acquiring more pristine wilderness to add to its boundaries, and successfully protected much of the watershed upstream of the Knob. Activities at the park include swimming, hiking, biking, golf, equestrian activities, boating, live musical events, the Fall Festival, hunting & fishing and much more.

Cane Creek

This is the view from Caney Fork River (Great Falls Lake) entering into Cane Creek. This area is known as Double Bridges. One bridge crossed Caney Fork above the mouth of Cane Creek and the other crossed Cane Creek at the mouth of the creek. Both bridges were raised in 1924-25 when the dam was built. The bridge over Caney Fork was washed out in the 1929 flood and not replaced. The one over Cane Creek (pictured) stood, yet there was nowhere for traffic to go, so the road has returned to its natural state. Great fishing in this area.

Cane Creek is "navigable water" as defined by the Army Corp of Engineers. Our position near the confluence into the Caney Fork provides a quiet harbor from which one can motor towards many adventures. (BonK KnoB is just 2 minutes upstream from this picture).

Cane Creek is one of the few stocked trout waters in the state of Tennessee, and at our location runs deep and tranquil. This piece of water is isolated, with very little fishing pressure. Head upstream to where the creek trifles and meanders if you are interested in wading for browns and rainbows. You'll find the occasional fly fisherman or kayaker embraced by the beautiful woods and fields surrounding the creek. Continue on to Hwy 30 and head up to Fall Creek Falls, to see where your water started its journey.

Caney Fork River / Great Falls Lake / Rock Island (Rock Island State Park Website)

Head downstream for Largemouth action! The Plum Lee Ford boat ramp (pictured) is approx 1.5 mi. downstream at the intersection of Hwy 111 and the Caney Fork River (about a five minute drive). The KnoB is at the northern navigable portion of Great Falls Lake. Approximately 17 miles downstream is Rock Island State Park, reachable by boat.
Several bass fishing tournaments are held in the area. One can find a tournament every weekend of the season. In fact, there are tournaments held about every day of the week during spring and summer months.
You can expect to find stripers, catfish, crappie, muskie, smallmouth, largemouth and trout in the waters available to you.

Release and generation schedule for Great Falls Dam


Scott's Gulf (Upper Cumberland Caving Website)

Scott's Gulf is for the hard-core hiker, spelunker, kayaker, or naturalist. This piece of pristine appalachian habitat is minutes away, and together with Fall Creek Falls, influences greatly the watershed providing the pure waters BonK KnoB ShoalS enjoys. I highly recommend exploring and studying this wonderful wilderness when you get here, and it will take a year of Sundays to do it.

Check out the Upper Cumberland Caving Website's virtual tour, and then consult www.topozone.com to begin your journey.


Caves in the area

Camps Gulf Cave, located just minutes up the road on Hwy 285, Cane Creek Road, is now a part of Fall Creek Falls State Park. The opening is massive. The park gives guided tours. Supposedly there is miles of cave here to explore.

Cumberland Caverns (not pictured) displays some of the largest underground rooms in eastern America. It also features waterfalls, gleaming pools, spectacular formations, and even a ¾ ton chandelier.

This is the view from just inside Camps Gulf Cave looking out. This cave requires serious equipment to explore - best left for those who are guided by park staff.

The recently discovered 20 story deep,5 acre Rumble Room at Rumbling Falls.